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Into the Black
Everyone has a tale...
Quiz time! 
22nd-Jul-2006 01:53 pm
something to say
Everybody loves a quiz! This one seems particularly appropriate to RP, although it can be argued that we all think we're the main character. ;)

Which classic story role do you play?

I have to say Hezekiah's results cracked me up. :P

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?

- You Are The Marauder
"I shall rule over all."

You play as the Villan. Your ideas of 'Right', 'Wrong', and 'Justice' differ vastly from most people. You see that hardships simply make you stronger and strive to reach your full potential for your own personal reasons. You believe that your life and your destiny is in your own hands and take full advantage of the benefits. Not many people understand you or what you are trying to accomplish, but that does not matter to you - they will all see with time. People may seem simpleminded or unintelligent to you, and those that do are brushed aside just as easily as their ideas. Because of all that has happened around you and your quest, you are not afraid to face what lies ahead.
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22nd-Jul-2006 08:57 pm (UTC)
Gasp! I knew it, Hez is secretly the evil mastermind and he's just biding his time.
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