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Into the Black
Everyone has a tale...
Sharing an IC Song. 
29th-May-2006 11:10 pm
Shining a spotlight on a great set of poses, by Whip Gunslinger Adam "Sunny" Sunsen.

Adam having lost a bet was to sing a song; and he, being awecome, decided to just make one up.
Reaction poses were removed to preserve the piece in its entirety.
But it's enough to say that all present were thrilled and highly amused by his orginal piece.
Maybe someday he'll remeber the rest of the song. ;)

"Adam takes the harmonica back with a sour glance, stuffing it into a pocket. "Fine. Your problem if you don't like it." The security detail of the whip scratches his head, squints, then shrugs as he begans to sing in that whiskey-and-cigarette-and-campfire voice of his. "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, his name was Greddy Dahn, but the boys... they all called him Dirty Dan. He liked his whiskey on the rocks, and the women on their backs."

Adam pulls out the harmonica and bleats out a few notes, before going back to his singing. "Now, this thing you need to know about Dirty Dan is, he just didn't give a damn. Legends say he charged a purplebelly camp with just his brown coat, his penis, and a fourty-five. Best damn soldier I ever did saw, too bad he got shot in the eye." A few more notes. "Hi-Ho, Helluva way to go, Hi-Ho, Helluva way to go."

"Hi-Ho, I once knew a man called Chao Yun Se Hau, but all the boys... they called him Nancy. Never seen a man fight like him, kicks, chops, tricks that you've never seen. Some say he could break your arm in three places, rip it off, and shove it right up their ass before they even knew it. Is a shame he never got the chance to show me, artillery in his foxhole... Hi-Ho, helluva way to go." Adam says, voice slowing down a bit. "Hi-Ho, once knew a man called Ben Allen who slept with anything that moved. Sally, Mary, Chi, it didn't mean anything, as long as didn't have danglybits between your thighs, he was ready to go. Too bad he got shot in the balls, I guess. Hi-Ho, Helluva way to go." By this time, the voice has faded away, the gunslinger turning to look over the blighted landscape of Shadow. "Funny. Can't remember the rest.""
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