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Into the Black
Everyone has a tale...
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5th-Apr-2006 07:08 pm - This community
something to say
Hello all!

As you may or may not be aware, this MUSH has had a livejournal community for some time at itb_mush. However, there is a bit of a problem in that the fellow who created and maintained it no longer plays on ItB and hasn't responded to email. This has not allowed for anyone to be added or removed. The current collection of IC journals is being held together largely by a loose conglomeration of friends-lists.

So, being the livejournal-fiend that I am, I have started a new community here, and will try not to disappear. ;)

1. What do I post on my personal journal?
Anything you want! What your char would write in her diary, what is going through your char's head at the time... letters to NPCs, letters to other characters. Memes, quizzes, whatever strikes your fancy.

2. What do I post on the community?
Again the sky's the limit here. Poses you thought were great and want to share? Resources like lists of names for chars or NPCs? Descs you want feedback on? Anything. This aspect of the last community wasn't used much last time, but, could be useful. If it doesn't seem to have a home on the forums, but you still want to share, try the community. :]
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